Blog by Brenda Russell

1027 Roslyn Road, South Oak Bay, Victoria, Oak Bay, BC

July 28th, 2016

Brenda Russell is so happy for her clients purchase at 1027 Roslyn Road, South Oak Bay, Victoria, BC

Simply a beautiful home in South Oak Bay! Solid and charming. This home is well loved and cared for. One could easily read about it in a 'House and Garden' magazine. Once inside you will appreciate the designer vibe of the interior spaces and the natural light, gorgeous wood floors, coved cei ...

Canada Immigration Foreign Student Gain

July 11th, 2016

The Coming Foreign Student Explosion

This evening, I received this information from one of our top BC Immigration lawyers and wanted to share it with you...
There are only two ways that any country can increase its population – one by a positive birthrate or secondly by immigration.
Demographic studies that show that by 2030 Canada’s birthrate will have declined to such a ...