Victoria Real Estate Update - June 2014

'Welcome to Oak Bay' A Flower Centerpiece located at the corner of Foul Bay Road and Oak Bay Avenue

Welcome To Oak Bay

There has been an increase in the number of sales from April to May which is pretty normal.  Year over year there was an increase of over 8 percent in properties sold in the region.

June 14 VREB President Quote

This year in May the benchmark home value reached $498,500. A modest 1 percent increase year over year. Townhomes in Greater Victoria show the most noteworthy change with an increase of 4.2 percent year over year.

Below is a Victoria Real Estate Graph Showing Listings vs Sales

June 14 Listing vs Sales Graph

On a personal note, I would like to appologize for not keeping the 'Market Update' page current.  Six family/friends passed on in the last year and half which included my grandma and best friend within 4 months of each other... life... shortly after I realized I wasn't ready and able to provide the best service for my clients. I decided to travel to Bali, a high school friend from Oak Bay married and has a family in Ubud. I am so thankful to them for inviting me.  Learned lots and experienced yoga for the first time at 'Yoga Barn' which was incredible.  Experienced Tibetan bowl meditations, Sound Medicine meditations the Ayurvedic rejuvenation centre and had the best massage. Walked with chickens and roosters. Ate and sat with lots of different ants.  Woke up to dogs barking, cows, and birds sings...hahahaha

In the end what matters most is

How well did you live

How well did you love

How well did you learn to let go.

Returned refreshed and now working hard.  I need your If you have any questions about Victoria real esate or are thinking of Selling your home please call me direct at 250.744.4556.  Licenced since 1990, happy to help and look forward to it.  Wishing you a Happy, healthy summer.  Please stay tuned for more updates.

Below is a photo from Yoga Barn - Ubud, Bali Budda