PacWest Appointment International Real Estate

James McNaught, President of PacWest International Management Inc. announces the appointment of Brenda Russell, as exclusive agent for the clients of PacWest’s in the Victoria Capital Regional District of British Columbia, Canada. PacWest’s International Real Estate Division provides consulting services to governments, corporations and private parties in the acquisition of residential real estate, land assemblies, condominium development from concept to sale and the acquisition of going concerns. Over the past twenty years PacWest has maintained an extensive presence in China providing consulting services in real estate, tourism and education.


PacWest Hotel

Design Concept for 5 Star Hotel Shanghai

President: James McNaught, MBA, MTH
Catherine Yan Xu, B.Sc., P. Engineer, Accountant, Real Estate
Nancy Rajabian, BSN, MSC, PHD, ABMPP
Doug Webster, Construction Management
Brenda Russell, REALTOR®
Sarah Yan Ping Gu, MA. Registered Mortgage Broker
Karen Yan Zheng, Registered Immigration Consultant
Jane Wong, MBA, International Trade and Tourism
Jenny Lu Wen, Dip. Hospitality Management
Mandy Li, MA, China Hotel Development
Karl Song Zhou, MA, English Education

PacWest International Management Inc

Government and Corporate Development
Since 1985

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