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God made a REALTOR

Being a Professional REALTOR® - August 2014

To the REALTOR® in all of us... below is a two minute video that presents it brilliantly.  I wanted to laugh and cry.  I know in every profession there are a few that don't conduct their business like this but all one can do is hope that most do their best and are professional.  On a personal note, I started with Century 21 in 1990. Hung my license with RE/MAX while I was pregnant. Joined Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty - Oak Bay in 1994.  A couple years later I became a single parent, my son three, and today he is twenty one and in a few days I will reach my twenty-fourth year as a REALTOR® in Victoria, BC. What a ride it's all my past clients and current clients... I thank you deeply from my heart.  To future real estate clients... I look forward to our connection via mobile/text +1 250 744 4556, toll free 1.800.550.0585 or brussell6 on twitter.

and on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said I need a caretaker.  So God made a REALTOR®.
God said I need somebody that will get up before dawn with the dedication of the sun.  Risk time, energy and investment for no salary or guarantee work long hours on the street prepare and deliver presentations serve and attend to others emergencies then stay out past midnight at a meeting at the school God made a REALTOR®.  God needed somebody mentally tough that could wake up unemployed everyday yet gentle enough to have compassion for others.  Someone that could build a bridge between people and technology.  Someone to arrive home nightly in the dark to accommodate others time tell them 'thank you for the opportunity' and mean it... so God made a REALTOR®.  God said I need somebody that can sell like Carnegie.  Make contacts and write contracts handle objections and deal with rejections and who can finish her forty hour week by Wednesday noon then weary from contingencies and people eccentrities and volatility's put another forty hours and sacrifice a weekend God made a REALTOR®.  God needed somebody that does not measure their work in hours but by their satisfaction of their clients someone to handle emotions unemotionally.  To meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same.  God said I need somebody strong enough to knock doors and be ignored, direct mail and email, run ads, deliver notepads, yelp and blog and work like a dog, make calls and get up from falls and who will stop her efforts when called upon to mend the broken spirit of a colleague or a God made a REALTOR®.  It had to be somebody who would honor ethics and integrity and not cut corners.  To keep their head when all about them are loosing theirs and trust themselves where others doubt.  Someone that could hold on when there is nothing left inside except the WILL which says 'hold on'.  Who would laugh and then sigh and then respond with smiling eyes when her son says he wants to spend his life doing what mom God made a REALTOR®.   

Please stay tuned for more updates about Victoria and Oak Bay real estate.