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Royal LePage Women's Shelter Foundation

Royal LePage Shattered Records For Women's Shelter!

Sandra Diaz, Executive Director of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation announced that last week at our National Sales Conference in Montreal we shattered all previous records to raise more than $145,000 for the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation!

Thank you to all of you that brought items last week to Montreal's Royal LePage Shelter Foundation Auction and those of you who contributed so generously and enthusiastically to help families across Canada!  Everything is helpful.  By helping others we are actually the ones getting the gift.  I know the Shelter feels that they are receiving the gift but I feel I am getting the gift. The fun and fundraising were contagious on the party trian, jet boat, scotch tastings, suite parties and the auctions.  Special thank you to our auctioneer extraordinaire, Kent Browne, and friends at the Royal LePage Team and Gale who raised $50,000. in their special inhouse contest and draw.

Half of Canadian women will experience abuse in their lifetime and 360,000. children are exposed to domestic violence each year.  Watch this short video to hear some real life experiences of how this is making a difference.

Since 1999, The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation has donated more than $10 million to support women's shelters, violence prevention and education programs across Canada.  Royal LePage is the only Canadian real estate company with its own charity, empowers its sales representatives making a tangible difference on both local and national levels.  Here's how it works:  In every transaction I am involved in a portion of my fees are donated to The Womens Shelter for Victoria.  It's that simple and is obviously very effective. 

Let's face it,  we live in times that are complex and often can be very harsh.  I think all of us know someone, or have ourselves been involved in an abusive relationship at some point in our lives, whether it is someone taking your money from you, throwing furniture across the room while you are holding your baby on your hip or more slowly and insidiously taking control of your life by isolating you from your family and friends. Maybe it is all of those things.  Maybe it is being humiliated in front of your child by your boyfriend or spouse. Maybe it is rape or some other form of violence then escalating to murder.  Abuse comes in many forms.

No one should have to live with abuse - ever.  It takes an incredible amount of courage to step away and stay away from the abuser.  It can be done and must be done.  From that moment you are a different women and are changed forever. 

If you have any questions about the Womens Shelter or Victoria Real Estate please call me to discuss.  I am an experienced award winning REALTOR® licenced since 1990.  I look forward to hearing from you and until then please stay tuned for more updates or you can follow me on twitter at or call direct at 250.744.4556 and know that together we can make a difference.

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