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City of Victoria to Consider Reducing Maximum Size of Single Family Home in R1-B zones

The City of Victoria's Committee of the Whole is being advised by planning staff to consider reducing the maximum size of a single family home in R1-B zones from 420 sq.m to 300 sq. m (or from 4,521 sq.ft. to 3,229 sq.ft.)

A bylaw amendment providing for this will now advance directly to public hearing, probably in early to mid-September.

According to the staff report written on July 4, "The R1-B Zone is the most common low density zone in the City.  While its area is mainly builtout, many of the existing homes have not maximized their size potential."

The last major review of the R1-B Zone occurred two decades ago.

The current consideration of an amendment to maximum building size results partially from the new changes that allow secondary suites in the zone and fears from neighbours that the change will encourage "teardowns" to make way for monster homes.

The current proposal on maximum size also arises, because, according to the staff report, "New house construction (or major additions) may have a high impact on immediate neighbours because most properties are under-developed in terms of allowable floor area under the R1-B Zone.  As land prices increase, larger construction projects may become more common."

(this is not a complete or official record)