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Luxury Living Real Estate

Canadians feel the top priorities when purchasing a luxury home are:

Kitchens - A Commercial style kitchen with all the upgrades and luxurious finishes is very desirable.  Top-of-the-line appliances, such as high-heat ranges and cook-tops, large-capacity refrigerators and freezers, multiple sinks, deep fryers and even wood-fired pizza ovens are coveted.

Wiring - Increasingly common in high-end homes, smart wiring provides the correct outlets to install a home theatre and highly functional home office.  Driven by the digital age, consumers want their homes to be modern, convenient, and entertaining.

Floors - As marble, stone and tile floors can get cold very quickly on a Canadian winter day, heated floors are gaining new found popularity.  Buyers are drawn to this comfort advantage, expecting floors to feel warm and snugly in the morning.

Theatres - The in-home luxury theatre can come in many different shapes and sizes, but all are consistent in featuring large screens, big comfy chairs, stadium seating large enough to seat 10 comfortably, floor lights, soundproofed walls, sub woofers, front projection, and wet bars.

Gyms - Healthy living is more than a trend;  it's a lifestyle.  In between taking children to activities, cooking and grocery shopping, many find it more convenient to work out at home.  In-home fitness centres can include Stair-masters, free weights, as well as basketball courts and yoga studios.

Pools - I'm not too sure about this topic for Victoria...but apparently, pools are becoming important for luxury homeowners and putting an emphasis on style.  With the addition of a beautiful grotto-like background, it is easy to understand why the remarkable design of an infinity pool has become a norm in million-dollar-plus homes.